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Join us for worship

We would love to meet you and worship our Lord Jesus Christ with you. Please come visit us during our next morning (11:00am) or evening Sunday Service (5:30pm).

As you are considering visiting, understand that worship at the Kirk is not too much different from what you'd expect in a church service. However, you may have some questions about what to wear, the duration of the service, and so on...



Although some come quite formally wearing “Sunday Best” suits, others are much more casually dressed. We welcome everyone to our services. Clothes are really of secondary importance - the heart is always God's greatest concern.



As a general rule, plan on spending about an 1:15 minutes on a Sunday morning and an hour in the evening. On Communion Sunday’s, we take a little more time to savor the Table, and expect the service to stretch out to around 1:30 minutes.



At the Kirk, we love to see our children delighting in worship. To help cultivate this taste in our children, we provide a soundproof cry room as well as a volunteer-led nursery for those ‘wee’ treasures under the age of four.



Humbly remembering others have gone before us in worship, we honor their memory and listen to their wisdom as we employ our own unique God-given creativity in offering worship that is ever new and always fresh.



God desires worship that is beautiful, simple, and spiritual. To that end, every part of our worship flows from Holy Scripture - what we read, pray, sing, preach and see.



As the sermon forms the climax of our worship of God, week by week, our pastors strive to bring the mind of each hearer into direct contact with the mind of the Spirit pointing to Christ in a given passage of Scripture.

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Preview Our Worship

Every Sunday morning, we stream our services for the benefit of those that are unable to attend. Please check visit our Kirk Live page on Sunday at 11:00am to join our services.



How We Worship


Interested in seeing our order of service (i.e. our liturgy)? Preview a couple of our past bulletins.