As an ongoing outreach ministry, Community Bible Time (CBT), coordinated by Dan and Marcia Metts, continues into the 2015-2016 school year. Up to 10 young people meet from the neighborhood at the Metts' home on a monthly basis with the main purpose of reading through the Bible, reviewing Catechism questions (Children's catechism) and participating in various outings. The youth are systematically going through the gospel of Matthew, chapter by chapter, with Marcia leading the story and Dan giving application to the lesson.

summer food bank.jpg

During the summer, many of them participated in more informal events, like swimming and voluntary activity at the local food bank. The CBT started back up in September with the viewing of War Room after a discussion of the Lord's Prayer. Then, for a second year in a row, the  group went caroling in early December to select residences in the Metts' neighborhood. Each CBT member also carried a gift, decorated at the Starlight Pottery Studio, to give to the lady of each house. Marcia hopes that the caroling will become an annual tradition. As of now, the youth group comes from three different families and ranges in age from upper elementary school to high school, three guys and seven gals.