I am unable to form any clear, satisfactory, comfortable thoughts of God, suited to awaken my love or engage my trust, but as he has been pleased to reveal himself in the person of Jesus Christ.

— Newton, J., & Cecil, R. (1824). The Works of John Newton (Vol. 2, p. 7). London: Hamilton, Adams & Co.

Reading Newton always stimulates the soul.  Sometimes I think I can learn about God without His help, but of course I can't.  In Him I live and move and have my being.  My existence depends upon him and not just at the beginning.  More than that, I need God to connect my heart to my brain so that what I learn warms me deep within.  Here is the grand reason why so much study is lost.  Without prayer and the help of the Spirit, truths slip through our minds, past our souls, only to leave us unmoved and unchanged.  This is why we must learn on our knees and in all our reading cry out to God for help.  No man can receive one single thing unless it has been given Him from above.