Take heart, my brother, my sister, through the gospel, a fountain of mercy has been opened-- not a dripping tap.  The mercy God offers is as big and as good as His own Son.  Where sin abounds grace does much more abound...

Come, let us not despair; the fountain is as full and as free as ever:—precious fountain, ever flowing with blood and water, milk and wine. This is the stream that heals the wounded, refreshes the weary, satisfies the hungry, strengthens the weak, and confirms the strong: it opens the eyes of the blind, softens the heart of stone, teaches the dumb to sing, and enables the lame and paralytic to walk, to leap, to run, to fly, to mount up with eagle’s wings: a taste of this stream raises earth to heaven, and brings down heaven upon earth. Nor is it a fountain only; it is a universal blessing, and assumes a variety of shapes to suit itself to our wants. It is a sun, a shield, a garment, a shade, a banner, a refuge: it is bread, the true bread, the very staff of life: it is life itself, immortal, eternal life!
— Newton, J., & Cecil, R. (1824). The Works of John Newton (Vol. 2, p. 68). London: Hamilton, Adams & Co.