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"Where are we meeting for Bible Study this week?

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In an effort to streamline our communication, the Kirk is now publishing her calendar to UpTo.com. This new free online calendar enables us to publish our calendar both to our website and to your mobile device, so everyone can keep up-to-date with upcoming events. But the best feature about UpTo is that it merges all of the calendars you follow into one place.

On your mobile device, search for the UpTo app to download to your device. Once opened, select the "Discover" option and search for "The Kirk Calendar". To benefit from the service of UpTo you have to grant it permission to view your calendar on your device. Once granted you may easily toggle on and off the other calendars that you follow. See UpTo's page for a more detailed explanation.

If you are not interested in the app but prefer learning about our events on the web, you may find our calendar on our Events page on the right hand side, entitled, "This Week at the Kirk". By default the calendar displays the current week, but may be easily changed by scrolling ahead using the arrows.