All ladies are invited to Brunch at the Breen’s home. Our guest will be Emily Hartman. You will not want to miss this!  Contact office or the Breens for directions and gate code.

About Emily Hartman:

Since marrying Ed, a widower and a pastor with four small children, Emily’s life has been anything but ordinary.  Adopting the kids when she was 24 years old, ministering alongside her husband in the Mississippi church where she was raised, and then moving to Romania with her family to serve with Mission to the World supporting nationals to plant churches, she’s lived the gospel reality that our stories are both broken and beautiful, and it’s her delight to help women look to Jesus as they wrestle through this in their own lives.  Now enjoying the “party of two” (empty nest) and serving a church back in Mississippi, Emily and Ed continue their crazy, complicated, and beautiful journey together, as they work in leadership development and renewal with couples in ministry.  Together, they love to travel, eat good food, play with their grandbabies, and share life with their adult children.  

Emily is on the Staff Team at Parakaleo. Parakaleo’s interactive training is firmly based in gospel theology, informed by educational theory and influenced by ongoing research. Parakaleo equips women to face the complex world of church planting and pastoral ministry. We provide a grid for viewing and living life through the gospel in the midst of life and ministry challenges with practical, tangible tools.Our unique design invites women to see their own stories in light of God’s bigger story of redemption, understand how the gospel applies to all aspects of life, unmask chosen idolatries, embrace their truest identity and calling, and live this out in community.