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Have you found it difficult to grasp any sense of order in the Psalter? Do you have trouble locating the right psalm for a particular need? Since the time of Augustine until today, the Psalms have been read as individually wrapped treasures that stand alone rather than having inner connections within the book as a whole.

Over the weekend of June 20-21, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. O. Palmer Robertson to help us grow in appreciation of the Bible's Songbook, the Psalms. Along with Dr. Robertson, five students from the African Bible College Choir will be accompanying him to encourage us with song as they boost our voices in singing the Psalms. 

We will be hearing from Dr. Robertson and the choir several times. We will be having a special Saturday event on June 20 at 10am to 12pm, dedicated to Dr. Robertson's new book , "the Flow of the Psalms".

Immediately after we will be lead in song by the student choir as we sing the Psalms together. On Sunday, Dr. Robertson will be teaching Sunday School (9:30am) as well as preaching during the morning service (11am) and accompanying the choir as they sing throughout the service.  

To learn a bit more about what Dr. Robertson will be teaching, read the following excerpt from his talk:

The Flow of the Psalms explores the fascinating structures of psalm groupings that will enable a person to place as many as 80% of the psalms in their relationship to the whole of the Book. Discovering groupings that feature psalms celebrating creation, psalms of corporate praise, psalms of the innocent sufferer, psalms of the guilty sufferer, psalms anticipating prosperity and long life, psalms of personal and national disaster, will enable you to “find your way” to the right psalm for a specific occasion. Understanding these inherent connections can only enrich the understanding of each individual psalm. Throughout the whole, the promised Messiah and his universal reign provide a unifying focus. Charts displaying the structure inherent in each of the five Books of the Psalter make it possible to visualize the progression in redemptive truth from Psalm 1 to Psalm 150.

If you are interested in attending, no need to sign up, just show up on Saturday with your signing voices and then join us again for worship on Sunday Morning!

Here's a little promotional video to introduce our friends to you!